Meet Our Expert Mechanics

Mike Pfeffer, popularly known as AutoTech Mike, runs a renowned automotive shop in Napoleon, Michigan. His passion for mechanics began in childhood, starting with fixing small engines and selling repaired lawnmowers. Over the years, Mike evolved from handling small projects to owning and operating the very shop where he once worked. He’s celebrated for his practical skills, a strong focus on customer satisfaction, and an ability to tackle unique mechanical challenges. His comprehensive tool collection, which includes both cost-effective and high-quality items, underlines his commitment to quality service.

Brad, another key team member, brings over two decades of experience to the table. Starting his automotive journey as a boy, Brad is known for his reliability and thorough approach. His ability to confidently address any task and his adaptability in handling diverse mechanical challenges make him a cornerstone of the shop’s success.

Together, Mike and Brad represent a blend of passion, experience, and dedication, driving the success of AutoTech Mike’s shop. Their collective expertise not only addresses the technical aspects of automotive repair but also prioritizes continuous learning and adaptation in a rapidly evolving industry.

Our Team

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