Join our Team

At Autotech Mike’s, joining our team means becoming a part of a community that values collaboration and growth. We pride ourselves on fostering a friendly and community-focused environment where everyone’s voice matters. Our commitment to professional development is evident, offering continuous training opportunities to all team members. This isn’t just about staying updated; it’s about leading the curve. By ensuring our team has access to the latest auto repair technology, we empower them to deliver top-notch services consistently.

On the Job Training

Training is a cornerstone of our ethos. New employees receive comprehensive guidance, starting with advanced diagnostic tool training to hone their problem-solving skills. We’re not just about repairing cars; we’re about doing it responsibly. That’s why we emphasize eco-friendly auto repair practices. But technical skills are just one aspect of the job. We also focus on soft skills, offering customer service and communication workshops to enhance interactions with our clientele. Given the evolving landscape of vehicles, specialized training for hybrid and electric vehicles is also provided, ensuring our team is equipped to handle modern automotive challenges.


For any mechanic at Autotech Mike’s, being equipped with the right tools is paramount to delivering exceptional service. A mechanic isn’t just defined by their skills, but also by the tools they wield. At our shop, we understand the importance of having the right tool for the job at hand.

Every mechanic is expected to have a well-organized toolbox. This isn’t just any toolbox; it’s a comprehensive set of instruments designed to address every automotive challenge. Inside, you’ll find an array of wrenches – from combination to torque – screwdrivers of various sizes and types, and pliers for every need, be it cutting, bending, or gripping.